With Leeds Waste you will save money

Our waste collection routes are busy, which means that you pay less, in fact, our customers save 30% on their waste collections. Call us today

We are able to offer a complete long-term waste management service for businesses. Skips and wheelie bins can be provided for each of your waste streams and emptied “as and when” to suit your requirements. The separation of waste streams allows us to offer this service at extremely competitive prices.

At Leeds Waste we are committed to recycling as much as possible. Not only is it environmentally important, but it also allows us to offer you better prices by reducing landfill costs.

We collect all types of waste including

Wood waste collections

Timber is reused if possible. Other types of wood are chipped and used to fuel biomass power stations, or shredded and repurposed for animal bedding.

Plastic waste collections

Both hard rigid plastic and soft packaging and sheeting are processed in various ways and made into new plastic products.

Paper and Cardboard collections

Both materials are cleaned and pulped before being recycled into new cardboard and paper products.

Scrap Metal collections

Ferrous and nonferrous metals are cleaned of contaminants before being melted down and recycled into new parts and products.

Green Waste collections

This is shredded and turned into compost.

Plasterboard collections

Most are cleaned and recycled into new plasterboard. Some are used in agriculture as a soil treatment.

Textiles collections

The best quality of clothes and materials are reused. The rest are used as filler material or wiper rags.

Glass collections

The majority is melted down to make new glass products. It’s also crushed and used in the manufacture of abrasives and for road surfacing.

Rubble and Soil collections

Rubble is crushed and graded and used in construction projects. Soil is screened to remove contaminants before being used in landscaping and restoration projects.

“We have well established busy waste collection routes throughout the Leeds and Yorkshire area. Due to our unrivaled efficiency we can pass on savings to customers. Most companies save 20-30%.”

M Hall
Commercial Wheelie Bin

Leeds Waste offer fully serviced waste management solutions for companies based in Leeds and Yorkshire. We offer free commercial wheelie bins and can collect and dispose of any type of waste

Commercial Wheelie Bin

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